Goals for 2016


I really wasn’t on planning to do another post until after the holidays but I’d thought I’d write one more before the year is out. 

Writing New Year’s Resolutions hasn’t come across my mind since I was in high school. I almost never fall through with any of them but this year I have a few goals that I hope to actually accomplish in 2016.

ryhvq2s3iezbcnthxmrd.jpg (This is usually how my list looks like…)

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Are You Taking A Break From Writing This Holiday Season?

holiday-newsletter-1(Photo credit: ©iStockphoto.com/Kasiam)

With Christmas in less than three days away, most will be hustling and bustling to get those last minute gifts and preparing a delicious hearty dinner for friends and family. Schools and offices will be closed and just about everyone will be lounging at home watching classic Holiday specials (unlike me who will probably be chilling at the beach in the sunshine state…). The big question is while on your holiday break will you be writing? Continue reading

My first ‘Liebster Award!’

Liebster-AwardFor my first time participating in the Liebster Award, I would like to thank Visakha for nominating me! It means a lot that you thought to include me. 🙂 Those of you that haven’t already, please check out Visakha’s blog. She is very personable and her posts are fun and interesting. Plus, she’s an awesome writer! So shall we get started? (See below for the Liebster Award Rules) Continue reading

Should You Write Every Day?


One of the things that I contemplate on daily is whether I should write every day, even when I don’t feel like it (and there are plenty of days when I just don’t feel like it). Whenever I read articles or blog posts regarding the subject, they would all say the same thing: “You should be writing EVERY DAY.”  I somewhat agree up to a point. I believe it depends on the writer and their situation. I found an interesting article by author and Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, Cal Newport who says that writing every day is actually “bad advice.” Continue reading

The Writer Who Hated Writing


When I was in 7th grade, I dreaded when my English teacher would give the class a creative writing assignment. We could have been told to create our own short story or write a play. Anything that involved me making up a story in my head, I shied away from it. I recall one particular time when our course unit was on poetry and for a class exercise, we had to write a short poem. Mine was called, “I Hate Poetry.” So how did someone like me who hated writing get the crazy idea to write a fantasy book? Continue reading

REVIEW: High School Bites: The Lucy Chronicles

High School Bites Cover(Disclaimer: This review will include a few spoilers)

You might be thinking, “Not another ‘Twilike’ vampire love story.” Normally, I would agree because after Twilight and the Vampire Diaries I said NO MORE VAMPIRES but High School Bites: The Lucy Chronicles by Liza Conrad (not to be confused with High School Bites by Heather Brewer) is slightly different where instead of the female protagonist being a meek, average teenage girl who falls in love with a strong and strapping  vampire boy, Lucy is a strong-willed vampire-hunter. Well, sort of. Continue reading

Surprise Plot Twist: My Hard Drive Crashed!

computer crash.gif(How I’m currently feeling…)

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone, especially a writer is for their hard drive to random crash without any prior warning. The situation can be made worse if you did NOT back up your files on a regular basis (that would be moi -_-). Continue reading