First Read-Through of Wisp Manuscript

Wisp Cover 4 V2(jpg) (Wisp cover)

Last Saturday, I was finally able to read through my entire manuscript. From what I’ve read on other blogs about the editing process, you should read through your manuscript to see if there are any inconsistencies and if the story flows well but don’t specifically edit anything (easier said than done). Continue reading


This is One Sorry-Looking Update

Since I feel like crap today on account of I’m getting sick, this isn’t going to be an extensive post but more of an update (I’m writing from my phone so if the formatting is a bit off, I apologize ahead of time). With school starting, I’ve been a bit off course with my book-related projects/2016 goals but now that I’ve gotten the hang of things with classes and assignments and I’ve set a schedule for myself, I will be getting back to my reading, research and editing.

For the record, I provided this update to let you all know that I’m still in the writing game. I’ve just been very busy is all. Contributing to this blog and accomplishing my ultimate goal, to publish my novel has NOT changed. 🙂

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