Let Your Writing Guard Down: 3 Reasons to Allow Other Writers to Read Your W.I.P


When I first started writing my manuscript I refused to let anyone read it. My ultimate fear was: 1. My writing sucked and 2. No one took my idea of writing a book seriously and that would be obvious in their opinions. As I interacted with some fellow writers on social media, I met others who felt the same as I did and the idea came about to exchange chapters of our w.i.p. Surprisingly, the experience was not as daunting as I thought and we provided each other with excellent feedback.

The idea of letting someone read your incomplete writing piece is uncomfortable but you can honestly gain a great deal of knowledge and experience by letting others read what you are writing before you even begin to edit. Letting a stranger read what ever your writing is even better because you don’t have to worry about them sparing your feelings as they will most likely give you the cold, hard truth of what they think.

Here are three reasons why you should exchange your work in progress with other writers you don’t know:

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