First Read-Through of Wisp Manuscript

Wisp Cover 4 V2(jpg) (Wisp cover)

Last Saturday, I was finally able to read through my entire manuscript. From what I’ve read on other blogs about the editing process, you should read through your manuscript to see if there are any inconsistencies and if the story flows well but don’t specifically edit anything (easier said than done).

I started to read through my manuscript about two weeks ago and what I did was highlight things that needed to be changed. For example, yellow for phrase changes, green to mention something again within the story, blue for added descriptions, teal to add a sentence/phrase, pink for something I liked and shouldn’t change, and finally red for deletion. I got this idea from YouTuber, The Book Unicorn who used this method after she completed NaNoWriMo. I did this until I reached chapter three. By this point, I was getting bored and highlighting was taking up too much time so I quit after that and didn’t return to it until the following Saturday.

After reading through all 128 pages of my manuscript through Google Docs, I realized I have a LOT of work to do. First off, when I began typing my story idea I didn’t do any kind of outlining. I jumped write into it. I didn’t do any outlining until I was towards the middle of my manuscript, and by outlining, this meant jotting down ideas and plots on sticky notes (both physical notes and on my computer). Close to the end of my manuscript, I wrote bullet points in a Google Doc document explaining in more detail things to come in the story. From what I can see, the areas where I outlined were more structured and flowed together fine. The parts where I did absolutely no outlining which is almost the first half of the manuscript was kind of all over the place. There weren’t enough details on specific characters such as their appearances, events happened too quickly and chapters were too short for my taste. Also, there are major plot holes.

The moral to this story is to outline your story ideas! Yes, you will still most likely have a few plot holes and inconsistencies, but not nearly as much if you actually sit down and plan out the journey of your story and characters.

My first experience reading through my manuscript wasn’t all bad, though. I don’t plan on trashing my entire manuscript like I’ve heard of other writers doing when they were completely turned off from their story. I believe that my story still has potential and just needs to be tweaked and polished… ok it needs a lot of tweaking and polishing, but I still have faith in.

P.S. What do you guys think of the potential book cover of Wisp? I was thinking of changing it to putting the main characters on it instead or changing the design of the “wisp” but now I’m not so sure. Comment below!

How was your first experience reading through your finished manuscript? Do you think outlining is necessary? 



11 thoughts on “First Read-Through of Wisp Manuscript

  1. Love the cover, I like that it isn’t too specific, leaves you with an idea of the mood of the book but wanting to know more. Only thing I might tweak is the way the title looks, but I don’t really have any ideas, and it still looks good enough as it is.

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  2. I like the color, I was just thinking that the font was very bubbly while the word itself, “wisp” doesn’t seem like a word that would look bubbly (although not having read your story, I don’t really know what a wisp is). I would expect it to look a little more, you know…wispy. But I suppose that could depend on your story more. But even as it is, I like the transparency of it–you should keep that–but even if you kept the round, bubbly look as well, maybe if there was some sort of shading or something to give it a little more dimension and make it a little less flat compared to the rest of the cover. Just my two cents. but the colors of everything are great.

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    1. Ah ok, I gotcha. I was thinking the same thing. I was using a site called Canva along with Photoshop to create the cover. I used the font in Canva which is limited so I’ll try playing around with the title in Photoshop because I that was my original idea for its design but I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I settled for what’s currently the style. Thanks again for your opinion! 🙂


  3. I would go with your gut -and if you aren’t sure, then play around with it (on the wisp). Over all, I like the cover.

    It took months to edit a book that only took me weeks to write. I must have read that story (at least what felt like) 50-60 times, but it was probably 30-40.
    There is never going to be a point, you will be completely satisfied. Each time you read it, there will be one word, one phrase, you’ll think could be better.

    When I knew I’d done the best I could -I stopped. Now, I am praying that it will be read and liked. Still, I am sure I could have done so much more -to perfect it.

    I read books from top authors -with mistakes, so write until you believe in your story -and then let it out there for the world to read.

    Good Luck. I’m right here cheering you on.

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    1. Thanks you for your response, dvaal. Yes, I’m already expecting the editing process to take months. Especially, since I have school and work. I truly hope my book will be liked and that the story is interpreted well. As confident as I am normally with my writing skills, crafting a book is something totally different. Anyways, I wish you the best with your writing endeavors as well.

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  4. I agree about the title.. just by the meaning of the word one would expect it be more fragile and airy looking, but again I do not know what the story is about or if that would fit the overall theme but this is just my opinion. Everything else looks great! I like the graphic! Goodluck with everything!! 🙂

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