Are You Taking A Break From Writing This Holiday Season?

holiday-newsletter-1(Photo credit: ©

With Christmas in less than three days away, most will be hustling and bustling to get those last minute gifts and preparing a delicious hearty dinner for friends and family. Schools and offices will be closed and just about everyone will be lounging at home watching classic Holiday specials (unlike me who will probably be chilling at the beach in the sunshine state…). The big question is while on your holiday break will you be writing?

Personally, I use anytime I’m off as an opportunity to write. I’m looking forward to spending my break dipping my Nonni’s Biscottis in my French Vanilla tea while I type away at my keyboard. However, will the writing community take advantage of the holiday to relax and take a break from pounding keys? As I mentioned in my previous post, there are times when one should take a mental health break from writing but how long is too long to have time away from your writing? You don’t want to spend the next week or two not doing any writing at all and by the time you go back to work or school, you’ve completely lost the desire or don’t have the time to write at all (just the thought sends chills up my spine…)

“But what do I write over the break?” I think the holidays are a perfect opportunity for inspiration. Write about what you enjoy most during the holiday season, or what holiday films are your favorite. What foods are you eager to indulge in? Are you dreading going to grandmom’s house and dealing with your eccentric family members? Tell us about it! (Here is a great article I found on how to keep a writing schedule during the busy holidays: 5 Ways to Keep Writing Over the Holidays)

Make writing during your holiday break fun and humorous, interesting and exciting, crazy and embarrassing! Cherish the moments with your loved ones this Christmas, but like I always preach: KEEP WRITING!

Do you plan on writing at all over the holiday break?


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