REVIEW: High School Bites: The Lucy Chronicles

High School Bites Cover(Disclaimer: This review will include a few spoilers)

You might be thinking, “Not another ‘Twilike’ vampire love story.” Normally, I would agree because after Twilight and the Vampire Diaries I said NO MORE VAMPIRES but High School Bites: The Lucy Chronicles by Liza Conrad (not to be confused with High School Bites by Heather Brewer) is slightly different where instead of the female protagonist being a meek, average teenage girl who falls in love with a strong and strapping  vampire boy, Lucy is a strong-willed vampire-hunter. Well, sort of.

Lucy who thinks she’s solely dealing with her own typical high school mishaps: an evil math teacher that she despises, her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Vic and an eccentric father who never leaves their Frankenstein-looking house, discovers the mystery behind her deceased mother’s vampire-hunting bloodline while reading her mother’s journal which was left to be given to her (Lucy) on her sixteenth birthday. Not to mention that Dracula, himself is after her. The book also provides the history mixed with some fiction about the author of the original Dracula novel, Bram Stoker.

After reading her mother’s journal she learns that she comes from a line of women in her family (all named Lucy) who have been battling with Dracula since the late 1880’s starting with her great-great-grandmother (Lucy’s great-great grandmother is who the Lucy in Bram Stroker’s Dracula is depicted from, at least fictionally in this book of course). Lucy teams up with her best friends, Mark and Mina (also who the Mina in Dracula is a representation of) to take down Dracula all while realizing that he isn’t the only bloodsucker living in Seattle (her love interest, Vic).

Unfortunately, this book that had a lot of potential fell short of providing readers with more in-depth characters and plot lines. I didn’t feel like I really got to know Lucy as a person. I knew more about her mourning father and quirky friends than Lucy who was the main character. I wish there could have been scenes of Lucy and her friends preparing for their fight against Dracula such as combat training (something more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Another thing I wasn’t a fan of was how Conrad described the other vampires in Lucy’s school as wearing what appeared to be cliché ghoulish attire (all black everything, piercings, spiky hair etc.). Conrad could have been a little more creative with their clothing and personalities.

Also, Lucy falls for the son (Christopher) of her parents’ best friend (Van Helsing) who was turned into a cat by Dracula. Their relationship is rushed (one minute Lucy comes to his house looking for his mother and the next they’re exchanging saliva) and for some it might seem more like a rebound that won’t last or make others feel uncomfortable depending on the reader but the way the author described their instant connection, the relationship felt right. However, because their relationship formed towards the end of the novel and it was rushed it seemed like it was just thrown together.

Lastly, the fight scene towards the end of the book was somewhat short and wasn’t too detail oriented. I thought that the epilogue left what felt like a cliffhanger, but the author has not provided a part two (although part of the title of the book includes The Lucy Chronicles which I thought was implying there was to be a sequel). I wish that there was a sequel to the first book so I could have seen a deeper side of Lucy and found out what was to come of Vic and his family.

Overall, the book wasn’t bad and I did enjoy reading it for the most part. I give it ★★★1/2.

My next read will be The Pretties, the second book of The Uglies series which I am very excited to dig into.


Until we meet again.

Night out! 🙂



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